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    Email alert

      Hi, I am using an group email in mcafee to send the daily reports and recently I changed my group email and mcafee is not sending the reports ( infact mcafee says it has been sent, but I am not receiving in my out look) I am not sure is this an issue with Mcafee or my outlook.



      Please help.



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          Or your exchange server?


          Assuming by group email you mean a distribution group and assuming your using an exchange server you might need to check the authentication settings of the distribution group.


          In Exchange 2007 (not sure if it's the same in Exchange 2010) look under the properties of the distribution group in the 'mail flow settings' tab get the properties of 'Message Delivery Restrictions'. On this screen there is a tickbox option labelled 'Require that all senders are authenticated'. Make sure it's unticked.


          Basically it only allows Outlook clients to send to that particular distribution group.


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            Thanks very much, that was helpful