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    VSE-OVI for EXT* fs ?


      Hi, as I´m testing VSE for offline virtual images right now, i got the problem that a vmdk i have made for testing containing a RHEL 5.X installation is not scanned correctly imho.

      The Log file only shows 7 bootsectors found but no files or anything else. I was wandering if this is due to the Linux Filesystem ext* is not readable with this tool running under VSE on a Win 7 environment.

      That really would crush my plans! Furthermore OVI is only availible for Windows, so its no use to try VSE 4 Linux...

      Anyone can help me out? I´d be glad!

      If there are any alternatives, please give me some advice.

      Is there any?


      I´m using VSE 8.8 SP2,  VSE-OVI 2.1, OS: Win 7 x64...

      Sorry if my english lacks excellence, I´m not a native-speaker..

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          I would suspect that the OVI can only scan file systems that its host supports So on Windows you can only scan NTFS/FAT/FAT32 disks etc.


          It's a long shot but maybe something like this http://www.fs-driver.org/ might allow OVI to scan a ext2 file system. I all depends on how the scan works. If OVI 'mounts' the offline image first then possibly this driver might allow windows to see the contents of the ext* partitions.

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            Yeah, I already installed this tool but it seems to have no effect on OVI, so i will look for a solution using VMware Disk Mount with VSE for Linux or the CLS...


            thank you anyway