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      I am migrating to 4.6  for a fresh install on new box, new ip, new server name. does this mean I will need to create new repositories, I ask as there is over 250 old ones , or is there a way I can hose them down and repopulate,

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          Please can you rephrase that question


          Are you asking if you build a complete new epo server if you can use the old repo from your older epo server instance?


          Or do you mean that you plan to migrate the objects from one epo server to another?

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            Well ideally both actually. Have new build,new server ect. but have over 250  repository’s created on original 3.6 build on 2000  

            New build 4.6 on 2003r2 . wish to avoid if possible rebuilding repositories

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              Are these remote repositories superagents or just standard UNC/HTTP/FTP repositories?


              If the are normal file repositories... from experience if the software version of the packages on the remote respositories match the master repository on the new ePO server it will do a quick refresh and sync. Just be careful not to have both servers replicating to the same repo.


              If they're superagents i'm not sure


              EDIT: Just read the 3.6 to 4.6 bit so i suspect they aren't superagents


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                Thats helped alot

                thank you