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    McAfee login password expiration



          I have a problem with McAfee firewall version everytime I login to the firewall it prompts me to change my password because it is already expired. I haven't observed how many days or weeks my password expires but I want to solve the expiration issue because I am tired of changing passwords. Also does it detect if the password is already used? because sometimes it doesn't allow me to change it to a previous password I set. Thank you.

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          Passwords are designed to expire - so it is worth checking what the expiry value is as it may be that someone has configured a short expiry time and the system is behaving as it should.


          This value is found in the Policy -> Rule Elements -> Authenticators screen (select the Password element).


          I'm not aware of a problem where passwords expire randomly. But as you are running I would recommend installing the current patch -


          If having done this, the symptoms persist then I'd recommend you raise a service request with McAfee support.