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    McAfee update causes file integrity issue


      After recent update, unable to connect to internet or open windows control panel.

      Called tech support and got recorded message that they were aware of a problem and gave a suggested fix. It didn't work!


      After a short while on hold, was conntected to friendly person in tech support. But, he was unable to help.

      Gave me number for McAfee's paid tech support service.

      After $120 Visa charge, was connected to another frienly support tech.


      Since I was unable to connect to the internet, she walked me through several reboots and command line executables.

      Finally was able to connect to internet, where she remotely connect to my computer.

      After several hours of running fix-up programs, my computer was fixed.


      This is a copy of messages:


      4:45 PM IN086250 Pavithra: So is ther anyting else I can help you with?

      4:46 PM Tad: Any idea of what caused the problem?

      4:46 PM IN086250 Pavithra : Theres a file integrity issue caused due to recent changes

      4:47 PM Tad: Was it from the McAfee update?

      4:47 PM IN086250 Pavithra: Yes

      4:48 PM Tad: Any chance of McAfee paying for tech support?

      4:52 PM IN086250 Pavithra: Tad mcafee tech master is the paid service & we helpin resolving any issues on your pc

           there would be charges involved in it.

      4:53 PM IN086250 Pavithra: Basiclly the tech support tried to fix the issue, if in case they cannot fix,   

           they rever you to tech master, where we go ahead with advance fix to resolve the issue


      Long story short, you can't fix this yourself.

      Be prepared to spend $120 and an entire afternoon on this problem.

      Good luck!