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    Unable to download files after installing Family Protection


      I have a Windows 7 machine with all critical/important Windows updates.  For some months I haven't been able to download files from the internet from this computer.  Downloads will proceed normally until about 98% and then they just stop.  If I pause the download and resume it will sometimes complete, but the downloaded file will be corrupt.  I've run several different virus scans thinking I must have a virus, but all say it's clean.  Family Protection works fine on my other Windows 7 machine, and also on a laptop with Vista. 


      I finally I decided to completely reinstall the machine to learn if it was a hardware or software issue.  After reinstalling Windows 7 I could download just fine.  I continued to install applications one by one, each time checking whether I could download.  It is after installing Family Protection that I can no longer download files.  Exact same symptom: download stops at around 98% complete.


      The only non-Windows software I have installed on the machine is Firefox and Norton 360, so there's not much room for conflict.


      Anyone else experience this issue?  Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Can I clarify something? Norton 360 is your main antivirus protection but you've also installed McAfee Family Protection - and no other McAfee product (no firewall, real-time scanning, or anything else).


          Family Protection - 2012 or 2013 edition?

          Firefox - which version?


          Check in the list of Firefox extensions and plug-ins for McAfee products. Which ones are there?


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            1. I've installed no McAfee product other than Family Protection.

            2. Not sure about 2012 or 2013.  It's version, freshly downloaded off the internet.  Is there a better way to find out what version?  My other Windows 7 machine has version  (Perhaps I'll try downloading that version.)

            3. Firefox v17.0 -- the latest.

            4. No Firefox add-ons, and only 2 extensions (Norton Toolbar and Norton Protection) but they're both disabled.


            It's a pretty bare-bones machine at this point.


            Hope that helps!