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      HI McAfee,


      i am new to this forum. i am trouble connecting to the internet in my laptop.


      kindly assist.


      windows 7, latest version of McAfee which is up-to-date.


      i happend to come across a similar post "

      Unable to connect to the internet after a recent McAfee update", but i dont have Bonjour Services/

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          any body, please help in vain....

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            details as metioned below.


            the day before yesterday i had updated(windoes update) my notebook which is Win7 home basic and also updated McAfee as that very same time. all the installations had been done smoothly and had shut-down the machine.


            yesterday when i had booted my notebook, i was in a shocked state. at first i had successfuly connected to the interner, but when i had opend up fire-fox, the message displayed as if i was not connected to the internet. i had checked the same using opera and then Interner Explorer all with the same result.


            the situation is that i am connected to the internet but unable to use internet. even the windows update the access is denied.

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              guys, at-least say  a hi so that i know you geeks are at-lease reading my posts.


              hope i have posted the questione's in the right forum topic....


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                Peter M

                Moved to SecurityCenter for better attention.


                vitas, we are all volunteers here and as such don't have the resources to answer every post immediately.  Technical Support is available via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Free by phone or online chat.


                Is this Windows 7 SP1 and do you have IE9 installed and have you tried right-clicking the network icon by the clock and selecting 'Diagnose and Repair'?  What happens when you try that?


                If not see if this FAQ helps:  http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS101507


                By the way, what ius the name of the McAfee software you are using?


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                  hi Pet,


                  some relief upon your response. thanks a lot bro....


                  some following points i would like to metion:


                  1. currently i use Vidalia. that is the only way i am able to access internet through.
                  2. yes my os is Win Home Basic SP1 along with the IE9 (9.0.10)
                  3. right-clicking the network diagnose bring me with the reply as "YOUR DNS SERVER MIGHT BE UNAVALIABLE-DETECTED"
                  4. MY version of McAfee is : Security Centre : 11.6, VIRUS SCAN : 15.6


                  HOPE MY above point are well and clear.


                  once again thanks a lot in advance......

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                    and yes one more thing,


                    i have the same problem as document T TS101233S101507 TS101507TS101507


                    i am really consinered about my notebook as it is a brand-new one. i bascially use it only for surfing purpose.


                    kinldy do also breif me if the above mentioned problem is coz of the my machine being infected or is it because as mentioned in the article TS101331 is a technical snag from our. and also let me know if the problem is being resolved with-respect-to article TS101331.


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                      Peter M

                      TS101331 has been around for ages, yes it was fixed.    Try phoning Technical Support.   It's free.

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                        dear Brit,


                        i have jumped into more bigger trouble now.


                        yesterday i had no problem of limited contivity, but noticed one thing even though i had my internet connection active, my network useage  was running very high (some background work going on).


                        to when i had tried to boot system, I COULD NOT LOG ON!!!!


                        MY TRACKPAD IS DEAD, MY KEYBOARD IS ALSO DEAD!!!!!!!


                        KINDLY ADVICE ON HOW TO PROCEED FURTHUR........



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                          Peter M

                          I would take it into a computer repair shop as it sounds like a major failure to me.

                          Unless you have a system disk so you can format and reinstall the system from scratch.








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