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    Parental controls NOT restricting access that McAfee says is blocked.


      I'm using McAfee Security Center v 11.6, with Parental Controls v 13.6 on a Dell using Windows 7.  I am set as the Administrator and have two children set up as separate users.  I have Online Schedule set to "I want to choose when my child goes online" and have ALL of the squares WHITE, ie, blocked.  I also have checked "Block websites that contain potentially inappropriate..." AND have listed a website as blocked.


      When I log in to his user account, I can get online, see whatever I want, AND specifically get to the blocked website.


      I have tried re-booting the computer, logging off his user account, and re-doing the settings in both my user account and HIS user account but none of that solves the problem.


      Help me, please!!