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    Get "ePePC has been corrupted (error 92h)" message after running 3rd party defrag


      Yesterday I got the following message when trying to boot into windows: "EpePC has been corrupted".  This message appeared where the Windows boot loader menu normally appears.

      This happened after I had used a 3rd party defragmenter "UltimateDefrag" to run a boot defragmentation.


      I had noticed some unusual behavior on the PC since about 3 days ago on this PC.

      1) I had always been able to boot into Ubuntu from an external drive and see the contents of the Windows drive, but since about 3 days ago, Ubuntu cannot even mount the drive that Windows is installed on.

      2) About 2 or 3 days ago days ago I started getting a message about not being able to perform e-mail scans when opening MS Outlook.


      Could Endpoint Encryption have been installed on my PC earlier this week without my knowing about it?  I have never at any time been presented with a login window to allow access to encryped drive when I boot up, only the MS Windows login.  Sometimes IT does install apps across the network with Marimba.  Could they have installed it this week without my knowing about it?  Does Endpoint Encryption always ask for a password or does it have a transparent mode?


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