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    DLP 9.2 - can't define device exceptions because no valid device serial number?


      Hi all,


      in DLP Device Control i have configured a storage device rule for blocking usb storage devices.


      I've configured following parameters:


      bus type: USB

      Filesystem type: exfat, fat, fat16, fat32, NTFS


      This works fine.


      Now i want to configure exceptions for some devices.

      Usually i use the serial number of the device for the DLP device definition.


      This works fine also.


      The problem is now - some devices have no valid device serial numbers because

      they contains some &'s and so on.

      I've tryed using the device-instance-id and device name and others but no success result.

      Anyway, the devices which i want to permit are no junk-devices like cheap usb sticks or so.

      There are expensive dictation devices for example.


      Is that somehow manageable now??


      Maybe you can help me