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    I am not protected ?


      I have been using McAfee for about 5 years with no problems it came with my DELL PC - Vista home,  a couple of weeks ago I had to do a DELL restore which puts the PC back to the condition that it was in as new (I have done this before with no adverse affects) not thinking I inserted the McAfee installation CD no problems until a couple of days ago now I get the message that “I am not protected” which is wrong as it is still doing auto scans. I have checked my McAfee account and it shows that I have two products installed one has expired and one is active which kind of makes sense so how do I uninstall the expired one and keep the active one?

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          Peter M

          Hi Echo,


          I assume this is Vista Service Pack 2 and everything has been updated?  (You can check that by right-clicking Computer on your desktop or in the Start Menu and selecting Properties).  As McAfee relies on an up-to-date Internet Explorer regardless of your default browser settings, please make sure you have IE9 and that it and all its add-ons are up to date.


          You need to install McAfee from your online account, not that CD, so uninstall whatever you have now via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program then run the MCPR cleanup tool from HERE, reboot and go to your online account to get the latest version (see 'My Account' at top right HERE).  Login there using your registered email address and password.






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            Greetings and many thanks Ex Brit,  yes everything is up to date including McAfee when I check for updates.

            I will follow you instructions and report back.

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              Peter M

              OK good luck.  I'm about to sign off for the night so will talk Friday if needed.

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                Absolutely straight forward and fixed, thanks again for the cure and the quick turn around  

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                  Peter M

                  Glad it's fixed.