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    Permissions of ePO user


      In MOVE 2.6 Agentless I have to specify an ePO user that uses ePO authentication. Wich permission does this User need to have?

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          There is nos answers for this question ? I would like to know the same thing. Nobody knows which permission is necessary ?

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            I have MOVE Multiplatform configured as a cluster and the way I configure is much the same as the ePO. I'm sure that this account you need must be a Domain Admin (Service Account). But if you could specify where you need to use this account I may be able to help you.

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              Thanks for your answer but the configuration is different in Move Agentless.

              When you configure the SVA on the Hypervisor you need to fill the Epo IP Adress, The port, and a user name and password.

              "you must have a valid ePolicy Orchestrator user name that uses ePolicy Orchestrator authentification".

              But I would like to know what authorisations I have to give in EPO to this account...