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    McAfee Tech Support Charges to fix problems it was designed to protect

      Hello, I had an interesting problem related to McAfee today and wanted to see what everyone else thinks.


      I had a virus on my computer and McAffee didn't kick in to do anything to protect it. In fact, I couldn't even open the McAfee software at all. So I called McAfee tech support and spoke with  Pawan Kumar who says he works for a 3rd party tech support company called VSupport LLC, phone number  He checked a couple of things on my computer and said that he found 458 trojan viruses on it and claimed that McAfee does not protect the computer against this. He also said that I need firewall protection which I should have with the McAfee "Total" protection suite I have paid for.


      I asked it these viruses might have come through during the month that McAfee Total Protection had simply shut itself off somehow. before I noticed it had ceased working and called tech support repeatedly to get it working again.


      The upshot was that he tried to sell me a fix for $399.


      Pawan also said that he could see a trojan executable file in my processes and 'googled' it and showed me a link to prove to me that it was a trojan. That is possible but it is also possible tha the file is actually a crucial Windows 7 file.


      Since Pawan claims that McAfee doesn't protect against torjans but the sales language on McAfee's site says it does (http://promos.mcafee.com/Offer.aspx?id=426729) I am curious what is up and how I can get McAfee software to protect my system complete with a firewall and anti-virus software.

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          You've posted about this twice. I've locked the other thread.


          This support outfit is nothing at all to do with McAfee. McAfee has its own support operation and you weren't talking to anyone from it.


          VSupport LLC was in the spotlight back in August when Verizon were passing customers onto them and informing their customers - incorrectly - that this company was the official McAfee support operation. If you want the details, see this thread. You're not by any chance a Verizon customer too, are you?


          Here is part of what I said about them at the time -


          The information I have is that VSupport is not connected with, endorsed by, recommended by or even known to McAfee. Where Verison got their name from, and why they are promoting this company at all, I do not know.


          VSupport offer paid-for support for a range of hardware and software, including McAfee. They are not specialists in any one field. They are most definitely not "McAfee Support".


          Their website is, in my opinion, amateurish and second-rate. And I have seen quite a lot of websites on which to base that judgement. I invite you, and anyone else who is interested, to have a look at their site : itassists-dot-com. It is not known to, or rated by, SiteAdvisor or WOT or Norton SafeWeb. Only WOT has one user review of the site, and that only because I added it.



          The post that came from names the two Indian gentlemen running this curious outfit. You can try contacting them if you wish. The person who dealt with you wasn't being exactly truthful about the "problems" that he was so eager to fix for $399.


          The genuine McAfee support, the Real McCoy, is a couple of mouse clicks away. Go to the red menu bar (above) and click McAfee Support. Select Home&Home Office. You're through then to http://service.mcafee.com/, from where you can go to Tech Support or Techmaster. And, yes, McAfee offers a virus-removal service if you need it, and it costs (if I remember right) $89.95. That's the industry standard, and you don't have to go down that route if you don't want to.


          So, is Verizon up to its tricks again? Last time the legal department was about to get involved. Maybe they need to know VSupport is involved in this.

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            I was able to run a scan and as it turns out mcafee dealth with it but only after the fact. This still concerns me. and I have to ask why McAfee would charge 90 bucks to fix your computer when the software I have paid for is supposed to keep the thing safe. Weak.


            I'm not a Verizon customer. I had to google McAfee tech support on my phone and called both of the ads at the top of the search.


            Thanks for your response - much more helpful than McAfee has ever been, even when I've actually gotten them on the phone!!

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              It appears that VSupport are manipulating Google searches, either by paying for their advertisements to go to the top of the list or by SEO. The fact remains they are nothing to do with McAfee.


              As for the paid-for support McAfee offers : all the AV companies offer this service, at about the same price. The difference between this support option and that offered by third-party companies is in the level of service you get (it ought to be better). And, with an official company support operation you also get a Service Request number so that if you have a complaint there's a record of who did what.


              As I pointed out, the paid-for help is there if you feel you really need it. There are alternative options to fix problems, and those are free.


              The original problem was a malware infection of some sort, but you haven't been too specific about that. Known malware gets blocked before it can operate, but Trojans and drive-by downloads are a lot harder to catch. Zero-day exploits are impossible to stop (unless you want DoD-standard protection, and a price tag to match).


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