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    McAfee Tech Support Charges to fix problems it was designed to protect

      Hello, I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I got a virus on my computer this morning. I called McAffee Tech Support but Pawan Kumar, the technician  from the 3rd party company that claims to provide tech support for McAfee (Vsupport LLC) claims that McAfee does not provide a firewall or protection from viruses and that I should pay him $400 to fix the computer.


      I guess I'm a bit confused. I have paid for a product called McAfee "Total" Protection and have only recently been able to stop emails from McAfee asking me to pay for it again (license doesn't expire for another 5 months) but it appears that it doesn't actually function to protect the computer. The technician claims that McAfee is not e to protect against trojans even though the McAfee sales pitch claims that it does (http://promos.mcafee.com/Offer.aspx?id=426729). 


      The technician claims that my computer has 458 trojan viruses. He also claims that the file csrss.exe is a trojan even though it is actually a Windows 7 system file.


      I would like to get this problem fixed so that I can continue working. Does anyone have any idea how to get technical support from McAfee as they claim to offer? in other words, without paying 10 times the price I already paid for the software?