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    Help! I know nothing about McAfee and don't speak Danish!

    Nancy Keefe

      I have been given a laptop by a friend who lives in Denmark. It was originally his work computer (employer Danish Government contractor).  He was given the opportunity to purchase this laptop when the company got newer ones. The machine he gave me is an HP/Compaq tc4200 touchscreen (2007). He upgraded memory after he bought it. Anyway, I am now the owner, and am having some difficulty because the Windows software is in Danish! I ran a program to clean the computer, (TuneUp) and found out there is no antivirus active. I have Mcafee 2.0.181 on here, but am finding the menus impossible to figure out! My Danish is not up to the challenge!  My question is: Can I download a patch to change it to English? I don't think this program is a trial version. Don't trial versions prompt you constantly to buy?? I've been using it for 6 months, no prompts. What can I do? Am I the new owner of this software? or do I have to buy it in my name? Please advise.




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          I think this is more a question for a Windows help forums, but I'll try.   Unless you have the top level (Ultimate) of Vista or Windows 7 installed you wont be able to install language packs, in which case the only thing you can do it to buy an operating system in English and format the drive and install a fresh copy of Windows.


          Mcafee 2.0.181 indicates to me that there is a very small security program installed called McAfee Security Scan Plus which can be uninstalled in the normal way via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP) - assuming you can at least navigate that far without the language foiling your efforts.  McAfee Security Scan Plus is merely a tool to tell you what security protection you need and is not an antivirus or firewall, so it isn't protecting you at all and should be uninstalled.   It often is an optional download with, for instance, any Adobe product, but there are others where, unless you uncheck the option, it will install automatically.   It's merely a sales tool.