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    McAfee's firewall will not turn on....

      A few days ago i must have downloaded some virus and a McAfee alert came up that it had found a trojan virus and that I needed to restart my computer. I restarted my computer and then 5 minutes later the same pop-up, saying that there was a trojan virus, came up. I restarted again, but yet again the pop-up showed up after 5 minutes. I did this about 10 times untill i finally just ignored the message becuase I assumed it was a false posative. I ran a full scan and McAfee found nothing, so I assume that my computer is not at risk. Is it at risk, and should I call McAfee support?


      I now also have another problem. Once this happen, my firewall turned off. When I click the turn on button, it immidiatly turns off again. I restarted my computer and this doesn't fix it.


      Any help would be apreciated, thanks.