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    Migrate ePO 3.6.1 to  EPO 4.6.,


      I am looking to migrate the existing  EPO  3.6.1 to  EPO 4.6., by building a new physical 2003r2 box with SQL 2005. The current policies are already in a XML format. if there  Is there any sensible advice anybody can provide  with  this migration. e.g. anything I should be aware of with policy’s endpoints etc. In fact anything. Quite often what is initially minor can escalate into something quite major.

      MacAfee points out that as 3.6 is out of scope by two years, so  there not much can advise apart from completely starting from scratch, ergo rebuilding policy’s etc. individually,

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          There is no way to go directly from ePO 3.6.1 to 4.6, you would need to go through ePO 4.0 first up to 4.0 patch 7.

          Then from ePO 4.0 Patch 7 you can run an upgrade to ePO 4.6


          You can only preserve settings in this scenario by using the upgrade path provided by the installer.


          if you can do the upgrade on existing hardware/OS then yes clean install would be preferable.

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            the intension is a fresh install of epo , but mgrating setting from old to new

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              In which case - not possible.


              The only way to migrate settings from 3.6.1 through to 4.6 is via the upgrade path I mentioned before.

              You would have to upgrade the 3.6.1 server in place to 4.6 first through ePO 4.0, then migrate that result to a new server.

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                I understand that it is possable to build a new server,New Epo Box and transfer exsting settings from3.6.1 too 4.6.1

                this has been done on numerious occasions, and not go through the step by step version by version uprade process you suggest.

                i was just looking for known errors to be awrare off

                but thank you for well intentioned input.


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