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    DLP Policy Problem - Configure Rules



      Where can I find some documents that can explain how to configure the dlp policy so I can be sure that everything I want is blocked except for the ones I approve?


      Also, I've tried working with this tool - https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB75040&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1353340473618 but I have this error when I try open it: Failed to load SecurityService Module.

      I feel like I'm missing something...

      Does anybody know what is this error?


      Thank you and have a nice day !!

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          I've solved the problem with the DLP tool, but I still hope you can help me with the dlp policy...



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            1. What is the scope of your devices - MAss Storage. HID. CD Drives, ...etc.

                Create Definition rule. Configure the device classes that you want to manage.


            2. Device Rules

                Create Device Rules - Monitor and Block


            3. Type of Enforcement - AD User-based or Computer-based

                User Based - Create groups in "User Assignment", add the users/groups and configure the the device rule.

                computer Based - Policy Catalog -> DLP -> Computer Assigment Group. Create a new policy and configure the device rules.


            4. Push DLP using the client task.


            5. Monitor the events

                Data Protection - DLP Monitor.

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              Thank you for your answer.

              I know how to do the basic, but I'm asking about the rules - not how to make them. I want my network to be full protected, from anything that can be connected to the systems, but without harm the systems (like I can't block all USB connections).

              I just need some tips how to secure my network, what rules are required.

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                Nishant Shah

                Hi Seauser,


                no one can give you tips to secure your network because every network is different. i work in a financial organization and here we not only require usb blocking, we also need clipboard protection, email protection etc (many more rules which i have not mentioned)... im sure if yours is a small network / different organization, the requirement would be different than mine.


                And always remember, there is no such thing called 100% security.

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                  Ok looks like I have similar question here. I deployed DLP to one pc, installed and it is working. I can see it if I go to about and also on the EPO side. I created the DLP Policy, set up device definitions, created protection rules but the policy is not being sent to the computer? Am I missing something?