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    Customer is buying ESM VM combo and...




      I have few questions regarding following scenarios:

      1. Customer was tested VM (TimeBomb) combo and is going to buy that VM combo:
        1. What about possibility to prolong the action of the actual TimeBomb environment?
        2. What about the local ESM storage (250GB, when machine was deployed from ovf) - can it be increased?
      2. Customer is going to buy VM combo:
        1. What will be available for download by using his grant number? Only ovf? Installation ISO?
        2. Is it possible to install VM combo on the bigger than 250/500GB disk from ISO/CD/DVD?
      3. Customer was tested VM combo, and is going to buy appliance combo:
        1. Can he move all the data and settings beetwen VM machine and appliance? What are the requirements of that operation (system versions, the same type of combo, etc.)?






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          Chris Boldiston

          Hi Artur



          In answer to your questions;



          1.1 It is not possible to prolong the TimeBomb environment. One possible workaround would be to backup the configuration data and then restore it with a new installation with the same version.

          1.2 The local storage cannot be increased.


          2.1 Using their grant number a customer can download the ovf and associated files. There is no ISO available

          2.2 The VM is thick partitioned so there are hard allocations for space and that cannot be changed.


          3.1 That should be possible if they are on the same version. However, to my knowledge that has not been QA'd. If it is something that would need let me know and I can check further with QA.