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    I can't delete Anti-Theft

      Hello. I have a laptop lenovo thinckpad t420s with intel anti-theft.

      I installed the trial version Mcafee Anti-Theft, but on my McAfee Anti-Theft Web Console was a

      "Your device's registration will be canceled soon". I try remote this application but he write me "removing the program impossible. try again", I manually delete all files and services.

      in a week i power on my laptop and saw "You laptop is locked" i try write my pass, but it saw me "It's wrong". I recover my PC with recovery code.

      Now every week I have to enter this code. How i may delete this application?

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          Peter M

          In this case it would be best to phone Support, it's a free call and for your area the number is 8 10 800 221 01044 available between 0900 and 1800 Monday to Friday.  Ask for Technical Support.






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            Please be precise about what exact application do you have installed on the laptop.


            Intel Anti-Theft




            McAfee Anti-Theft



            Site for INTEL is - https://atservice.intel.com/login.action


            Site for McAfee is - https://mcafeeat.intel.com/login.action





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              I install McAfee Anti-Theft, but mcafeeat.intel.com say me "wrong pass" and if i try recover pass: "No email address match was found. Please retype your registered email address." But on www.mcafee.com i may login with this email.

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                I do not speak English 

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                  Peter M

                  Did you phone Russian support as I suggested?

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                    Hi EX_Brit,


                    I have same problem. But when we call the 0080031928147  and 0080031929147 number, no budy answering,   How can I take the support for antitheft from Turkey side.



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                      Peter M

                      That's probably because they are another country numbers.



                      From Turkey, dial 0811-288-0001, wait for operator (English Only), and then dial 1-800-257-5404 (Phone menu comes up in a supported local language or in English: "Please press option 1")
                      Language: English
                      Support hours: 24x7x365







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                        Peter M



                        OK on the conference call we Mods have every Monday with McAfee someone from support tried to explain this to us.   These chips don't activate themselves, the software has to be installed and activated for that to start and it kicks in if the machine hasn't been synchronized within a certain time period, 7 days if I recall correctly (sorry it was a long and involved explanation).  If the system locks then you can unlock it with 8 digit passcode and the email used when the software was activated (not the download account password).


                        McAfee Support is the ONLY place that should be sorting out any locked machines that can't be unlocked for whatever reason.   Sony Support most likely would have to contact then in any case to solve any problems put their way.


                        We were promised some new FAQ(s) to cover these issues soon.   I asked again for people to post in these threads, and there are at least 4 in this section, but in case they don't I'm posting this to tell you we haven't forgotten you.