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    URLs gets doubled


      Hi floks,


      I'm new on McAfee Web gateway v7.3, on the process of testing the solution before acquisition.


      McAfee is in proxy mode  setup,  behind a Squid Proxy.

      Client's browsers are pointing on this squid proxy, and requests gets forwarded to my Web gateway server.


      The problem is for a very small amount of URLs, when the URL is typed in the URL form of any browser, it gets redirected to the same URL doubled:


      For example: http://www.lessourcesit.fr becomes http://www.lessourcesit.frhttp/www.lessourcesit.fr/ , and I get a McAfee error page saying that The Host is not resolvable.


      Same behaviour observed for www.mappy.fr or www.tuxboard.com, that become repectively  http://fr.mappy.comhttp//www.mappy.fr/ and http://www.tuxboard.comhttp/www.tuxboard.com/


      Does anybody has the same problem, or knows where in my configuration might be a mistake?


      Thank you for any help.