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    Unable to create 'FS' admin user: -3


      Hi guys,


      every time I install MVM 7.5 on my virtual 2008 R2 SP1 machine this error message pops up:

      "Unable to create 'FS' admin user: -3"

      This happens when the installation wizard hits "Configuring Scan Engine... Setting Credentials".

      The installation completes afterwards but I can't really use the system for anything, except logging in and viewing settings.

      I have set my SQL database to use mixed mode, enabled TCP and gave sa a password. There were no fails or warnings up to the FS admin user -3 message.

      Also, this user is created as a Windows user automatically, the system just seems not to be able to set the credentials somewhere.


      Where should I start looking?

      What does -3 translate to?



      Thanks for any input you might volunteer!