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    Technical details of agent push network communication

      I don't yet have access to MFE tech support so must ask this here.


      Using ePO 4.6, when pushing an agent over an existing agent from the ePO console, what are the technical steps the ePO server goes through to connect to the machine? I am concerned about pushing an agent to the wrong machine due to changing IP addresses from DHCP or even stale DNS records.


      I'm not looking for admin$ or anything like that, I've read the environmental doc in the KB. I'm referring to name resolution/IP addresses.


      As an interesting aside, I noticed that if you try to add a machine to the ePO console without a push, and you specify the IP address of the machine, that it resolves to a machine name.  If it can't resolve the name, the system will not be added. Is this a WINS or DNS resolution? This is different than older versions of ePO.


      There doesn't seem to be a way to push only to IP address?