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    HIPS missing from Manage Features


      HIPS missing from Manage Features and Quick Settings. Policy set correctly. Option returns after reboot and not restarting McAfee Services. Unable to open HIPS console from Program Files McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention / McAfeeFire.exe - no error Unable to open HIPS console from cmd prompt - no error. Service is running and can be restarted. This is happening on 64b machines running HIPS 8 P1 and P2 Agent HIPS 8 Patch 1 and HIPS 8 Patch 2 HIPS versions: and via "about" on clients HIPS Extension: Master Repository: HIPS 8.0.0 Minor Version 1919 Hotfix 688393 For HIPS 8 Patch 2: Patch 8.0.0 Minor version 2 Install 8.0.0 Minor version 2151 Hotfix 8.0.0 Minor version 791162 Issue happens on 64b workstations running Win7 and Server 2008 Able to launch HIPS windows from program files on must systems. Only Article I can find speaks to a known issue from 2010/2011 that was resolved in recent patches/hotfixes. https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB66127 https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB66152 ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.6 Build 137 HIPS 8 General Policies Advanced Options are currently set to allow disabling of features from the tray icon for IPS and Firewall.

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          found this from another Discussion - " For 64-bit systems, the Host IPS tray icon will show outside of the McAfee Agent tray icon.  KB66127.  I believe this will be addressed in a future Host IPS version. " from 2010 https://community.mcafee.com/message/154800 Not the case....

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            Working fine here on windows 7 64 bit. only difference is that I'm on ePO 4.6 with agent 4.6 (you should update to a 4.6 ePO and agent its made my life a lot easier)

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              Have not had any luck with McAfee Support. Will consider ePO / Agent 4.6. Thank you

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                bringing this post up again as I'm not able to upgrade to ePO 4.5/MA 4.6 at this time. We still have 64bit servers that are at random unable to display HIPS under manage features via mcafee tray icon.


                server 2008

                64 bit

                Host Intrusion Prevention


                hotfix 791162


                reboot resolves issue and then problem comes back at random.

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                  I would like to confirm, another admin having the same issue.


                  To be clear, this has nothing to do with HIPS not appearing within the McAfee Icon, that was fixed years ago.


                  Running ePO / Agent / HIPS Yes, all are outdated, no I do not have the option to upgrade.


                  This happens on Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2. Both are fully patched as of this date.


                  The HIPS was installed during our normal deployment process on all systems. In addition to HIPS, ABM, DLP (aka DCM), PA, and VSE are deployed to all Windows systems.


                  A reboot is performed on all systems to "finish" the DLP deployment.


                  At random, when logged into the console (direct acess as these are mostly VMs) the HIPS option will not appear under the "Manage Features" section of the McAfee Agent pane.


                  When this happens, if you select "About" under the McAfee Agent pane, the HIPS will only display as:


                  Host Intrusion Prevention

                  Version number:

                  Language: Multiple


                  As opposed to when it properly appears under "Manage Features", when it will display as:


                  Host Intrusion Prevention

                  Version number: 8.0

                  Build date: Wednesday, August 08, 2012

                  Build number:

                  License Type: Licensed

                  Expiration Date

                  Language: Automatic

                  Security Content Version: <#>

                  Security Content Created On: <#>

                  Patch: 2


                  Note that what was "Version number" becomes "Build number" as well as all of the extra information when it functions.


                  100% of the time, a reboot will fix. However, that is an unacceptable option for production servers that need to meet availablity requirements. Nothing else I do (run executables manually, login/logout, Enforce Policies, etc) will get it to show. Only a reboot.

                  I can still "Control" the HIPS using Clientcontrol.exe, but that is also not a good option here.


                  From my searches, there is no Bulletin or other officiall bug report on this.


                  Thanks for your attention,




                  Edit: Added to pre-answer possible questions after reading more threads:


                  Yes, the tray is set to show in the Client UI policy. It normally appears properly, it is only on seemingly random occasion that it doesn't appear. Yes, it works one day on a server, and then with no changes except for time, it does not work on that same server. Multiple admins on my system (with multiple different test systems e.g. entire separate hardware) have had this issue.


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