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    Windows 8 MA4.6 Patch2



      I know that Windows 8 is not yet fully officially supported by McAfee but I have heard that some people were able to deploy MA4.6 p2 and VSE 8.8 using EPO 4.6.

      I am having a problem where I was able to deploy the agent to my windows 8 machine but I cannot deploy VSE 8.8 using the EPO task. I can see that the MA is installed because I get an icon in the system tray and when I click on it has information about my EPO server. So I think the agent is insalled properly and is in managed mode but when I go to http://Windows8PC:8081 from any other PC on my network I get a page cannot be found. So it looks like there is an issue somewhere with the agent on Windos 8. I did some research and someone sugested creating a rule on the firewall to allow mcafee services, I even disabled the windows firewall completely and it's still not working.


      Please help





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