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    using HIPS and EPO

      I have some questions:

      1. Can we setup hip that automatic enable if user disable (firewall, application blocking, IPS)? reenforce policy on EPO server

      2. Are there command line that I can use runas to enable or disable HIPs (for help support staffs troubleshooting ). I don't want the HIPs tray display on taskbar

      3. I setup HIPs on adaptive mode, I noticed that there are many same process that used same port in and out (ex: ntoskrnl.exe). I should keep 1 or more same process???

      4. I don't want Quarantine policy to lock up PC

      I am running EPO4.0, HIPS 7.0, mcafee agent 4.0

      thank you
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          You can set an unlock password for HIPs in EPo then access this through file unlock on the client

          If the console hasn't been unlocked and HIPs disabled and provided you've set HIPs to enabled in the policy then it should remain enabled (or will re-enabled when the agent does a policy refresh
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            Don't forget, the IPS is the main tool so don't tie up your firewall to tightly that you can't communicate