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    hips and epo 40, deploy hip client an cannot work further


      iam deploying the host intrusion prevention client with a task on a dedicated server (Product deployment) and after that a cannot connect to the client anymore and i dont understand the problem. at first i started to deploy the cleint without anything enabled (apllication blocking, ips and so on) and couldnt connect to the client anymore ( remote desktop connection) an the epo server is unable to connect to the agent too (cannot see agent log). second try was with everything on adaotive learn mode and i couldnt connect to the machine anymore too.

      do i have totally wrong policy settings ? what i am doing wrong, that i cant connect to the machine anymore and even the epo server cant connect to the client ?

      thanks in advance
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          sorry i forgot,

          epo server and all clients are windows server 2003 R2 sp2
          epo 4.0.2
          Visurscan enterprise 8.5.0 on all clients
          host intrusion preventions 7.0.0
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            i found out that we have a problem with our teamed network adapters. The "NDIS intermediate filter" is installed on the 2 physical and our logical network adapters. obviously the ndis filter on both physical adapters lead to the misfunction that the whole traffic is blocked. in this enviroment we dont need the ndis filter on the physical adapters, the filter on the logical adapters are sufficient.

            now my question, is it possible to exclude the installation of the ndis filter within the epo deployment or manual installation ?
            • 3. Same problem with NDIS filter
              I am running into same problem. I have audio apps which is using NETBUI to communicate with audio server. Anyone knows how to allow traffic netbui go in/out
              I checked device manager on client PC (win2k), I noticed network adapter that firewall installed another NIC card driver (ex: Pro100-mcafee NDIS intermedi filter miniport)
              It's only show up on win2k, not on winXP.

              thank you