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    Can anyone help me with the lastest Security Center update??

      Help!  I am so frustrated right now!  The newest update for the Security Suite was installed on all three of my machines and they are all acting crazy now!   The one newest machine will not allow me access to the internet.  The firewall will not allow access and I get a windows error when I troubleshoot.  I can't turn off the Mcafee Firewall and I don't know what to do.  I restored the machine to an earlier date and it worked fine until the lastest update was again added to the machine today.  Now this machine I am posting on would not access internet either and I uninstalled the Mcafee program, cleaned it and prepared for reinstall, ran Stinger, etc. and talked with an on-line Tech and twice I cannot get past the installation error at the end.  I just renewed my license for 3 machines and I think it may have been a waste!  Can anyone help?

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          Peter M

          Did you reboot immediately after the update as major updates always require?    Using System Restore will most likely cause the same issue to repeat itself all over again.


          Windows Firewall should be turned off automatically when the software is installed.


          Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it will fix anything:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If not then uninstall everything via Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove Programs in XP)

          Run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page then reboot.

          Reinstall all your products from your online account.


          If all that doesn't help, Technical Support is free and available by phone or online chat also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          By the way it always helps to post your operating system and service pack details and version of Internet explorer installed, whether or not you use it.  (McAfee does).


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            Thank you Peter.  Unfortunately, I have completed all the items you listed above on the computer that I am writing from now and also had a McAfee on-line tech take over my machine and try to install. All to no avail!  This machine is running Windows  XP. Service Pack 3  and Internet Explorer 8.  


            However, my newer  machine that will not let me get to the internet has Windows 7, Service Pack 1 and IE 8. As soon as the updates were installed, I restarted the machine and that is when the problems started.    I cannot run Virtual Tech because I can't get to internet.  I have the windows firewall off.  The computer shows me connected to my wireless network, but will not let me get through to internet.   Windows troubleshooting indicates that the firewall is not letting me through.    I don't know where to go now.  I have tried everything.  I am afraid to uninstall Mcafee from that machine and I will not be able to get it back on the machine if it is something small with the firewall.   I am unable to turn off the firewall in McAfee software just to see if I can get through.  Any ideas?

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              Peter M

              Windows Firewall is basically inaccessible in Windows 7 when 3rd party software like McAfee is installed.   You should be able to uninstall and then reinstall directly from your online account, I fail to see why that should be a problem, however if it gives you a 'no licences available' type reaction then Customer Service (not Technical Support in this case) can sort that out in minutes and they are a free phone call or online chat away.


              2 things to try would be a) right-click the network icon by the clock and select Diagnose and Repair  and/or b) to try a wired connection until this is sorted out.   At least the latter should work and allow the technician access.

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                I HAVE GIVEN UP ON MCAFEE!


                Thank you, Peter, for your suggestions.  However it is now December 4 and I have heard nothing from McAfee so I tried my other computer today which I also uninstalled Security Center so I could get to the internet, ran all the cleaning tools, Virtual Technician and still I am unable to install McAfee.  I did get to a support chat tech on line who took over my machine and tried to install doing all the steps I already tried.  Unfortunately it did not work and he was unable to help me.  He was very nice and said he would turn it over to upper support to contact me and took all my info, availability and time zone.  Heard nothing!!!!  Just like the situation with the first machine and tech support ---- nothing.  I must say I am very frustrated because it was their auto update to software that caused such a problem!  I am angry that I just renewed my service on three computers and get no help or assistance.  I now have two machines I am afraid to use on the internet!   After years of using McAfee, this is the thanks I get!!?? 


                I think I will forget all of this and get a free virus protection online program!   I refuse to pay for tech support over the phone when problem was

                caused by McAfee !!!


                I've been patient enough for 3 weeks now and had enough!  Bye McAfee!!!!

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                  Peter M

                  There should be no need to pay for help and I agree it's very frustrating waiting for support.  I can only assume they've got stuck on another case.   If you want I can email someone to prod them but if you are going to another product then I guess there isn't much point.   Good luck.


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                    Well it is now almost two weeks later and the on-line techs have tried to fix the machine on three different occasions over the phone.  He was very nice and tried to help, but we get no where!   Always referring to a higher step in support.  He promised to call me back the next day during a specific time and I waited and waited and waited.  Wasted a whole day.  SADLY, I HAVE GIVEN UP ON MCAFEE!      A message was left on my phone that he tried to contact me via e-mail and could not -- Can't believe that one!  No e-mail here with any of my machines or phone!  I have now installed Micosoft Security Essentials and I am very happy with it on both of my machines.  The third machine is giving me fits now and I am scanning with a Microsoft product and may have to remove McAfee from that machine too.  It is too bad that this update has done such crazy things to turn so many people off.  I teach computers software programs locally and even our consultant that helps with set up and problems has had several complaints from her customers about this update!  Lots of unhappy people!

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                      Peter M

                      Personally I don't understand why some have problems and others don't.  I can only assume the software doesn't like something already on these systems.  I have every OS from XP through Windows 8 here and have had no issue like this with any of them.


                      There's one thing I always make sure of and that is updating the system....all parts of it, even parts I don't use and I neve registry cleaners as they are really bad news.  Not sure if that has something to do with it.

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                        Do you remember which MSC version you have before update? If 11.0 then this explains all. That version had bad firewall driver. You should use MCPR before you reinstall McAfee.