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    Message in McAfee that real-time scanning is turned off and it will not turn on. Need help.

      Action center in Windows 8 says McAfee antivirus and spyware turned off.  Going directly to the McAfee icon and opening shows an exclamation point and a note that real-time scanning is turned off.   If I hit the button that says "turn on" then the items all go green like it has just made the changes.  A few seconds later it returns the same message of "real time scanning is turned off".  Something in McAfee is not running right.  I have done the MVT and it says it corrected three problems, however the message and errors still exist unchanged.  From Windows 8 action center I have also tried the button that says "turn on now" and it does nothing.   The action center also has a view spyware button.  It shows windows defender turned off and that McAfee is snoozed.   Nothing within action center will turn it on.