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    EPO managed - EEPC 6 fails to encrypt


      I have two HP Compaq 8200 Elite Small Form Factors that are failing to encrypt..As of right now,  I don't have any issue with other HP Compaq model desktops or laptops. I have uploaded the log files from the two machines. Can someone help review the log files to figure out what is going wrong?  Is there something on the server (like a service) that needs to be restarted? The two machines have been reimaged twice since this issue began.



      Here is the last error message from the log file.


      2012-11-15 16:17:35,250 ERROR   EpoPlugin                            collectProperties: failed to handle property collection: [0xEE01000F] Received unknown message from service

      2012-11-15 16:18:57,733 ERROR   EpoPlugin                            enforceUserPolicy: No policy store.

      2012-11-15 16:22:35,492 INFO    EpoPlugin                            epoAudit: dispatching audits to AgentHandler