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    TAG Assignement via OS-Typ: Only possible if OS-Typ is managed/ existent in managed environment? (ePO4.6.4)




      we are currently developing new policys and especially tagbased policys within the new ePO4.6.4 (still testinstallation). By now we are confronted with the problem there is no possibility of defining Tags or creating reports by OS-Tag (like "Windows 7" oder "Windows XP") if there is no such managed System within the Systemstructure.

      The only OS-Typ by now is Windows Server 2008 (which is currentliy the only OS we have in this testenvirnoment) which is Tag'able and creating reports for.


      Any idea oder clue how to fill in the neccessary OS-Informations without the need of Agentinstallation on several Systems? Or did we wrong in checking in the packages by hand and not using the Software Manager? I'm a little bit puzzled...