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    Form Post based authentication


      What is the best way to implement a form post method of authentication?   The library rule set "Cookie Authentication With Login Page (form method POST)" appears to be the only one that uses a form post as opposed to the default http authentication dialog.   We want to use the Form Post method as it allows more control over the content of the authentication prompt/dialog.   I have tried modifying the rule set "Authentication Server (Time/IP based Session)" to do this and it works except that after authentication I cannot get the user automatically redirected back to the URL they requested.   In the original "Authentication Server (Time/IP based Session)" rule set this appears to be done by the rule  "Fix Hostname" which sets the property URL.Host to value of SSL.Server.Certificate.CN, but then this is not present when using the Form Post method.  How do we get back to the original URL?   The user is getting authenticated, and can manually reselect the URL and continue, but I need to make it automatic.