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    Help with Scanning VMware ESX 4 and or  VMware ESX 4 (Service Console)


      All, I need some assistance with VM 7.0 and scanning for machines identifed as VMware ESX 4 or  VMware ESX 4 (Service Console).


      Test 1 Passed - I've run some tests last night on a few hosts and  was able to Authenticate to VMware ESX 4 and get vernerability data.


      Test 2  Failed - When I scanned VMware ESX 4 (Service Console) I was also able to authenticate, but no vulnerabilities were found.


      Does any have a knowledge base for resolving the issue with scanning VMware ESX 4 (Service Console) ?


      I am using a service account and not root. KB54752 states to use root as an option.


      Thanks for any help on this one..




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          Hi Geo,


          I'm not familiar enough about any differences between ESX 4 and ESX 4 (Service Console).


          Can you turn on Verbose Shell Logging and re-try scanning the system.  This will give much more detail of why it's failing in the daily log file.


          1.  Run Regedit

          2.  Navigate to:

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks] (for 32-bit host) or

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks]  (for 64-bit host)

          ** if the key "Tweaks" doesn't exist, create it. **

          3.  Add the following Value:

          LogShell DWORD Value 'ff'

          4.  Rescan, and look in the ~Foundstone\Logs\LogFile.<date>.txt for any errors associated with the userID you specified in the scan.


          If it's not obvious, open a Service Request, and attach the daily log.


          I hope that helps!