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    Error installing EPO agent

      Hello everyone!


      I'm trying to reinstall EPO agent 4.5 on an XP Pro workstation and it gives me an "Agent Install Failed" error whenever I try.  I've combed through all the KB articles that I can find but nothing matches my exact situation.


      My MFEAgent.msi.<date>.log file contains the following relavent lines:


          Property(s): ErrorDialog = SetupError

           Property(s): ErrorInvalidSitelist = The specified sitelist is invalid.  [ProductName]  Setup will not continue.


           MSI (s) (40:A8) [09:59:49:466]: Note: 1: 1708

           MSI (s) (40:A8) [09:59:49:466]: Product: McAfee Agent -- Installation operation failed.

           MSI (s) (40:A8) [09:59:49:466]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: McAfee Agent. Product Version: 4.5.0301.

      Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1603.


      Anyone have any ideas where else I can look?



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          The important bit here is the "The specified sitelist is invalid" message.  In the first instance, I would get a brand new copy of framepkg from the ePO server (in the ...\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409 folder), and run it manually on the affected machine - does this help?

          If not, you can force the ePO server to recreate a new package, as follows:


          1) Stop the ePO services on the ePO server

          2) In the folder where framepkg lives, delete framepkg.exe and framework.z, or move them to a different location if you prefer

          3) Start the ePO services again - after a couple of minutes these two files will be recreated.


          Then try the new framepkg.exe on the client machine again.


          HTH -



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            I don't have access to the EPO servers outside the web console, but I'll ask the admins for a new one.


            I'm hesitant to think that that will work because the problem seems isolated to this one PC.  As a test, I reinstalled the agent on my own computer using the same Framepkg.exe file, and it installed successfully and reported back to EPO.  Might it be some corrupted file still lingering on the computer?

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              Ah, OK - I didn't realise that the same framepkg worked OK on another machine   In that case, don't bother with the above steps.


              It's certainly possible that there's something broken on the machine - try force-removing the agent by running frminst.exe /forceuninstall from a command line: then restart the machine, and run the framepkg again.


              Let us know what happens -



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                Did a little more digging on that computer and it looks like its not a McAfee problem at all but the result of bad sectors on the hard drive.  Thank you again for your assistance and I'll keep those tips in mind next time I have a problem.