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    How to add a program to trusted list

      I am attempting to run a program but McAfee appears to be blocking it.


      Here is the info from the Firelog: Blocked Incoming TCP


      Can anyone advise on how to run this program? Do I need to somehow add the .exe file to a McAfee safe list?


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          This thread is about the antivirus software wrongly detecting something as an 'Artemis' detection.  It has very little to do with the firewall.  That is simply a record of blocked attempts to penetrate it.


          Unless it's a question of the program simply needing permission in the firewall in which case open SecurityCenter

          Click Web and Email Protection

          Click Firewall

          Click Internet Connections for Programs  To arrange them alphabetically click the title Program at the top left.

          Then locate it and make sure it has full permiision, use the Edit button if needed.


          You can only trust something that is detected by VirusScan and then only if it's detected as a PUP or Possibly Unwanted Program.


          If it is being quarantined read HERE.

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            I'm sorry, I thought that you would try to assess my problem and offer a solution. How do you think I can fix my issue?

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              I'm limited as I am only a user like yourself volunteering my time here.  I already offered some solutions.   Without any detail at all it's difficult to say what to do.  What is the name of the programme and what happens when you try to run it?    A log isn't much help.  Do you get popups or what?   Is there an Artemis detection?  If so then what's the detection number?


              Also Technical Support is free and available by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links ast the top of the page.  They may be best equipped to help you with this.

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                Branched off because OP is using Enterprise products.   Locking thread.


                Please see https://community.mcafee.com/thread/50007?tstart=0