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    HIPS 7.0 to HIPS 8.0 Multiple restarts and no upgrade


      I hav ea few machines running Windows XP SP3 and they will n ot upgrade from HIPS 7.0 to HIPS 8.0. I tried to do the installation via ePO and it failed. It did remove HIPS 7.0 but now it will not install HIPS 8.0. The logs state that the upgrade was a success however there are HIPS 8.0 services or programs running on the machines. I also have gotten the McAfee Agent Updater Restart Required Restart the computer to complete the update of Host Intrusion Prevention several times. I restart and I still do not get HIPS 8.0. I have even tried to manually install HIPS 8.0 on these machines to no avail. The installer just quits and says that it failed with a 1603 error in the Windows Application event log. I tried installing HIPS 8.0 with Patch1 and Hips 8.0 with Patch 2 and got the same result. Are there any workarounds for this?