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    I got a problem installing mcaffe antvirus plus 2013

      Hello, I just install mcafee in two computers, the first doesn't want to install the antivirus and antispyware feature, I run mcafee virtual technician but still being unable to install these features, what should I do, please if someone know answer. The other computer install it perfectly but in that one recognize some viruses like trojans in this folder c:/windows/assembly/gac_32/desktop.ini and zero... something that I dont remember right now, mcafeee recognize this viruses but dont delete, I try to delete manually but the folder is hide and even changing the folders options dont show anything, if someone know how to delete without lost my data and probably sistem complete it please I need to know, thamks again.

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          Peter M

          Three major things can prevent the software from installing - remnants of other antivirus software and infection.   Follow the suggestions in the last link in my signature below - either System restore to before the infection or try Stinger and/or Malwarebyters Free.    Note the latter can be run in Safe Mode if necessary,  lastly an unpatched system can cause it too....make sure you are up to date.


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            Well, I have to say that I already delete the virus in the second computer runing TDSKiller and RogueKiller, and some tools  that I found in your link, so thank you, but the first computer I make sure that there is not remain of any other antivirus, and run mcpreinstall and mcafee virtual technician and try in safe mode with networking but nothing works, still without install the antivirus and antispyware option at the same time that the firewall is always disable at start I have to enable all the time, please I need to know how to fix this problem, thank you for your help Peter and I hope you have an answer for me again, sorry for my english...... 

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              Peter M

              The installer plus those tools wont work in Safe Mode.  What operating system and service pack is installed on this machine?   Has it a permanent Internet connection?  Is it up to date and have you made sure it has no previous antivirus installed and is virus-free?

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                See, I tried i normal and safe mode, and nothing, this computer I just re-install it to windows 7 Ultimate, and Im sure that does not have any other antivirus or remanents of it, first mcafee does not want to install nothing then I run mcpreinstall like in some others computers that I have re-install it and work, the program start to install, the problem is that when the installation was finish, everything looks normal and in a few second appear this message telling me that mcafee antivirus and antispyware is not install it that please run mcafee virtual technician I did it but do not fix anything. And I dont think that the pc was infected, before re-install I run a scan with symantec antivirus and everything was clean, thanks again.

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                  Peter M

                  Well it would have to be Windows 7 SP1 and preferably with IE9 installed, the default is 8.

                  Technical Support might be able to troubleshoot this for you.  It's a free phone call or online chat and is linked under Useful Links at the top of the page.