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    How to change default options of the Digest Report in MQM 7?




      I have some questions about off-box McAfee Quarantine Manager 7:


      1) How to translate "Column headings used in the message body" as in the on-box QM?


      In on-box QM I can translate:

      QM translate.jpg

      But In off-box MQM 7, I'm not found where I can change.


      2) How to change Default Action from "Delete" to "Release", when users will open their digest reports first time?

      MQM Action.jpg



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          I've had to dig into a lot of MQM stuff but I've not seen any such option fwiw.   I can, however think of why such a default wouldn't be a great idea though.   


          You may find get pointed to opening a feature request on it.    https://mcafee.acceptondemand.com/  is the site (requires IE  and accepting their ActiveX control).   I'm told these are taken fairly seriously. 


          I have to say I haven't been terribly impressed with MQM ... at all.   I'm hoping for some improvements in the next major release as this one has a feel of being held together with duct tape and glue, especially with regards to encryption and session management.  

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