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    Migrate 4.6.1 Database to 4.6.4

      Hi all,


      to describe my situation:

      By mistake I broke my Installation of ePO 4.6.1 and uninstalled it.

      I saved the database and folders described in the server backup and disaster recovery procedure.


      Since there is only 4.6.4 available for download, I installed it but recovering didn't work because of known issues described in the recovery procedure.


      My idea was to install 4.6.1, then recover and upgrade to 4.6.4, but I don't have the installation file anymore.


      Is there still any download for ePO 4.6.1 available?


      Do I have other options like migrating the Database to 4.6.4 (I don't think that would be enough)?


      Thanks in advance