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    How to start a on-demand scan with MOVE AntiVirus Agentless?



      I'm testing MOVE AntiVirus Agentless 2.6. The installation was successful and the on-access scan is working fine. My problem is that i don't know how I could run an on-demand scan.

      I'm using a cluster with 2 ESXi hosts. TheVMware vShield Manager appliance and vShield Enpoint are installed and regiterd with the vCenter. On each ESXi host i setted up a SVA. The SVAs are registerd with the vShield Manager and with the ePO 4.6.4. I've tryed to select the SVAs in the ePO and to reactivate the Agent but nothing happened. Do i need another product ? It's important to use the agentless  option.


      Sorry for my bad english !