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    Vulnerability Manager (Foundstone) vulnerabilities.csv




      1. I am trying to find out where I can edit the vulnerabilities.csv output from a scan. I may want to delete certain columns.

      2. I would also like to know what other columns could be ADDED and if anyone has a cheat sheet on what can be added, I would be thankful.


      I would like the First Found & Last Found column to be populated in my vulnerabilities.csv report and I want it to report on when the Vulnerability was First/last found.


      So any tweaks, cheat sheets,  etc that you may have, please send away so that I can review and test.


      here are my current versions:

      ModuleVersionLast Update
      Database Version7.0.1592012-07-17 19:04:01
      FASL version in Vulns table7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:01
      Custom FASL Version in Vulns table7.0.162012-07-17 19:03:06
      VulnCategories table version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:17:53
      Services table version7.0.02012-07-17 19:03:06
      Foundstone Standard Templates version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:29
      SmartAttackMaster table version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:17:48
      SqlAttackMaster table version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:17:50
      SCodeVulnMaster table version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:20:16
      Foundstone database hot fix version7.0.8 2012-10-19 18:43:47
      Custom OsPrints version7.0.02012-07-17 19:03:06
      FSUpdate table version7.5.02012-11-09 11:39:22
      Threats table version7.5.222012-11-09 11:39:04
      Compliance version7.0.12012-07-17 19:09:25
      CVS Score version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:08
      Vulns Buffer Overflow Protection Coverage version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:08
      Policy Settings version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:15
      VulnAssociatedSoftware table version7.5.3612012-11-09 11:19:12
      Minimum required MVM Extension version7.0.0.1112012-07-19 15:38:52
      Maximum extension version the fsEPOGetData is aware of7.0.0.1112012-07-19 15:38:52

      Thanks Geo