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    Query - VSE 8.8 + DFS-R (RPC Errors)


      Hi all,


      Wanting to see if anyone else is using DFS-R in their environments - I've been seeing a lot of RPC errors formed when VSE 8.8 is installed (running Patch 1 as far as I'm aware).

      If I uninstall VSE 8.8 - DFS-R works fine and files are replicating without any backlogs.


      I've excluded all the generic sets of folders for DFS-R as follows:


      **\system volume information\DFSR\

      **\system volume information\DFSR\database_*\

      **\system volume information\DFSR\config\



      Thought this would do the trick but still seeing some slight RPC errors, which causing DFS-R to stop/start a lot of times.