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    Real time scanning turning off/Registry items fixed

      Hi, just wondering if I could get an opinion on this.


      Recently turned on my Windows Vista-based laptop running SecurityCenter v 11.6. Firefox opened, stalled, froze my screen, then SecurityCenter said my Real Time Scanning was off. I clicked the button to fix, and it did, but the same message popped up again, and I got a Windows messgage that Real Time wasn't working when I restarted. I ran Virtual Technician and it fixed two registry items that were missing, fixed it, and it seems to be working fine now.


      I'm more on the paranoid side when it comes to these things... is there a reason my registry items might have been changed/deleted to cause these problems? Should I be worried about malware? Security Center now says I'm secure and everything is working, but I was wondering if this was just a random hiccup or could be the sign of something more serious. Am running Malwarebytes now to see if anything shows up, but was hoping someone could weigh in on what might have caused this. Thanks in advance for any help/advice!