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    Pushing a mobileconfig to a device

      Hi everybody,

      we are on EMM 10.2 now and we are missing the function to push a Mobileconfig to a device (like for Webclips or Apps).

      In the packages config on EMM-Console the options for "Application Details" are disabled.

      Is there any workaround?



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          Not sure that I'm fully understanding your question lets clarify some things:


          1) Can you please post a screen shot of the disabled "Application Details"


          2) To push applications to devices the device must be in supervised mode.  I must enable supervised mode using the Apple Configurator.


          3) You can push web clips to unsupervised devices and doing this requires no special config so... are you unable to push webclips and apps?  Or are you just unable to push apps?

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            That picture shows what I mean. It is about the "MobileConfig" and not about apps.


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              Yes, those settings are for applications, not for mobile configs.  See the mobile config section of the table in chapter 7 of the product guide: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD24090


              I haven't pushed a config before but I'm thinking that you may have to be in supervised mode to push it.  If you're having trouble pushing it, try downloading the configurator, putting a test device in supervised mode.  Note, it will wipe your device and if you restore from a backup it will take you out of supervised mode.  You can restore from an icloud backup after it wipes your device but you likely want to turn off backups while testing supervised mode so that you don't backup the supervision profile otherwise if you restore from a backup when you're done testing it will put you right back in supervised mode.


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