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    McAfee Client Proxy is not working with SaaS Web Protection Cloud



      I'm trying to configure SaaS web protection using McAfee Client Proxy.


      I'm not using Epo Agent and only want to configure McAfee Client Proxy with SaaS web protection cloud.


      I've followed all the steps in manual. But somehow MCP is not redirecting the traffic to SaaS web proxies.


      I checked in regedit and it's showing the mcppolicy name which I downloaded from Client Proxies Policy.


      One of the vendor help to tested my web protection and it's working on their PCs.


      But it doesn't work on my users' PCs. The only difference is the vendor's PC  has active Proxies list in the registry. Mine don't have.


      Anybody could advise on how to resolve this issue?


      Thanks in advance.