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    Why did I buy the Backup CD

      I have a bunch of computers with McAfee Antivirus.  I also have a very flaky and slow internet connection and my ISP's proxy/cache frequently corrupts and caches downloads.  So I though I would by the backup CD as a better option when I need to install or reinstall (which seems to be pretty often since corrupt updates because of my ISPs issue, seem to be corrupting the whole program). 


      But if I install from the backup CD with a computer not connected to the internet, the first thing it tells me is "Internet Connection Required."  And if I connect to the internt it proceeds to download 155 mb of program.  I fail to see how this is different from downloading from the website.  It saves me the trouble of browsing the website, but that is trivial compared to the 155 mb download.


      Any thoughts on this?  Am I missing something that would allow me to install offline?