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    Keep getting linked to Online Store ?



      I often try and access my Mcfaee account http://home.mcafee.com/root/myaccount.aspx from my computer that does not have Mcafee currently installed, as I would like to monitor my other PC's subscriptions. However every time I try and do that I keep getting re-directed to their online store http://www.mcafeestore.com/ . No matter what I try I cannot access the consumer's home screen page. What's going on here ?


      I mean this could be a stunt by Mcafee to try and force their products to you (even though I already have it on my other pc's) but surely not ? If that were the case, I would be UTTERLY DISGUSTED with Mcafee, and will switch to another provider immediately, but I couldn't imagine such disgusting behaviour from a leading Security Provider.


      Any info on this ? It's really annoying to say the least.



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