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      found during scan just now.

      googled it and seems it's pretty nasty .

      McAfee said it quarantined it,  am I safe now ?

      Seems it has something to do with Sun Java Deployment


      2 other viruses were detected a few months ago, those also have something to do with Sun Java Deployment.

      Those two are also in quarantine and are  Generic.dx!bfzp

      and   Exploit-CVE 2012 -1723.c


      Should I get Java totally off my computer ?

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          Peter M

          If it quarantined it you are safe from it at least.  You will find it in SecurityCenter > Navigation > Quarantined and Trusted Items


          Expand those section and you can then delete whatever is there which will obliterate it.


          Make sure Java is updated in your browsers.

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            ok, thank you !

            Just checked Java, it says its updated as of 11/9 so am good to go there.

            Now I will go and obliterate all those nasties !

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              one more thing, where did you find my question from the home page  ?

              I can't find it when looking at the home page, I had to go to " my stuff" to find it .

              Am totally NEW to Mcafee as of July of this year but I like it a lot !

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                Peter M

                It depends on how you personalize your home page here.  As  a Mod I need to see unanswered questions first so have it setup to show that plus quite a few other things too including Bookmarks.


                There are some rather ancient instructions somewhere on how to do that....ah found them:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/help/getting_started?view=documents  a whole list of them.


                The quickest way to your threads is to click your own profile name at the far top left of any page.  Scroll down to recent acvtivity or near the top clkick 'Your Stuff".

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                  You're AWESOME, Thanks again ever so much Peter !

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                    In the original post tatertot22 asked whether to remove Java completely. Given the flow of newly-discovered Java exploits which are added to the repertoire of the Blackhole Exploit Kit as soon as they're announced I would say removing Java is a good idea unless it's really needed.


                    I noted the release of Version 2.0 of Blackhole in a blog a while back. Unpatched Java accounts for at least 60% of the successful exploits achieved with this malware.


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                      Peter M

                      tatertot22 wrote:


                      You're AWESOME, Thanks again ever so much Peter !

                      Thanks for the kind words ;-)

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                        Thank you Hayton,


                        Java is now gone, hope I don't really need  it at a few sites I visit regularly for doing business .

                        I just hope my computer does not do a huge crash soon and that the scan  caught this bug early enough. 

                        I had scanned a week before  McAfee picked up on it with no viurses detected so maybe ( hopefully) it caught it in time.


                        Sincerely appreciate it and your informative blog !

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                          Peter M

                          Sorry I missed that last question of yours.   You may come across web pages that wont behave properly without Java but hopefully it wont happen very frequently.


                          Personally I keep Java but always totally up to date and have never had any issues with it or its security.


                          Hayton knows a lot more about these things however.   Good luck.

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