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    wmz attachments causing quarantine


      Recently many messages with a file attachment of ".wmz" have been quarantined.


      I don't know if this is the result of some unknown rules being changed in the IronMail configuration, or if various senders have started including this type of attachment, perhaps in their signature block.



      What is the recommended way to allow messages with these attachments to be delivered, not quarantined?



      I understand there was a Windows vulnerability for Windows Metafiles, but that seems to have been patched in Windows many years ago.




      Message has this attachment:


      image003.wmz     11.0KB (11264 bytes)     application/x-ms-wmz



      Relevant lines from IronMail log:


      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|7189|*** WARNING Xtn Mismatch. <part:given-xtn> -|<6:wmz>|

      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|7191|Part, Type, Xtn, Format; <part:type:xtn:format> -|<6:application/x-ms-wmz:gz:224>|



      <part_name:part_xtn> -|<part6_kv0.tmp:wmf>|

      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|1030|**Found -|['wmf']|

      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|6917|customNotification, Stop||

      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|1031|LOG_STAT_ATT_FIL: final_list -|{'wmf': [{'qtn_type': 2L, 'profile_id': 0L, 'rule': 7L, 'rule_id': 57, 'is_default': 0, 'parts': ['6'], 'action_data': '0', 'action': 6, 'archive': 0}]}|

      20121111:18:37:22|50723816|9992|Applied Policies, Applied Rules: <policies:rules> -|<[9L]:[8, 9, 10, 7]>|