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    How to restricted Cc and BCC


      Hi all,


      1- Could we restricted recipient number of Cc and BCC with Ironmail 6.7.2?

      2- How to configure SWD in one Ironmail appliance version 6.7.2 ?

      McAfee not seem to support in version 6.7.2 anymore. I didn't see Email Gateway version 6.7.2 in services request portal


      Thanks for any helping.



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          1.) Intrusion Defender ->  Mail Firewall -> Configure Mail Services -> SMTPI Configuration ->  Maximum Recipients Per Message


          2.) Not sure if you mean a Stand Alone Secure Web Delivery Server or an Advanced Encryption Server (IronMail/SWD). In both cases though the configuration is under the encryption tab.

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            Hi Ijahnke,


            1- I configured SMTPI option already - set min number : 25

            But I sent mail test: Cc for 28 recipients - Seem IronMail - split message from 1-24. All the recipient still recieved message.


            2- I meaned IronMail/SWD - But when user try to connect: SecureEnvelope.html can't connect that link. Although SWD link configured in DNS server.


            I tailed log from IronMail: SWD service: File not found


            Thanks for any helping.